Parents, discover the easiest way to...

Stop the shouting, halt angry outbursts & rebuild a connection with your child

Calming Kids provides a step-by-step system to rebuild trust and gives simple behaviour fixes that last a lifetime. We help you nurture a confident and resilient child no matter how frustrated you feel right now.

 No punishing, shouting or feeling exhausted all the time.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You've tried everything to figure out what's going on with your child's "Jekyll and Hyde" behaviour, but you're still frustrated because...

Your child is an angel at school but a nightmare at home.

Calming Kids has you covered with a step-by-step proven process based on behavioural psychology that will diagnose the root cause of your child's angry outbursts and walk you through how to defuse anger quickly (even if your child has ADHD or is on the spectrum).

Your angry child dominates the house, ruining family life for everyone.

Why spend your time walking on eggshells? Don't worry, Calming Kids will teach you how to translate your child's anger language so you can build their self-esteem and eliminate destructive attention-seeking behaviour.

You feel demoralised at home, and embarrassed in public.

I feel your pain. That's why Calming Kids includes 18 strategies to discipline your child without shouting so you can confidently open windows at home, and leave the house, knowing you can calm your child quietly.

You need to know...

There are 5 reasons why kids get angry.

And until you uncover your child’s “anger language”, you're likely to get more of the same.
João da Silva
Hi, I'm Elizabeth O'SheaI'm a child anger specialist coach, mum to four grown-up children and one of the UK's top parenting coaches.

Over the last ten years I've seen how powerful the Calming Kids process can be for families who are struggling with one angry child. 

Even now, it still amazes me how quickly life changes when you learn how to "translate" your child's behaviour.

Together we're going to uncover the exact reasons behind your child's angry outbursts.

If you've ever looked at your child as they're having a meltdown for no apparent reason and wondered..."why are you doing that!?"

Then read on....

Working with hundreds of families over the last 10 years I've noticed something interesting - the children who shout the loudest are the easiest to help.

The loudest children are usually passionate, smart and full of integrity...

... they just don't know how to express what is going on.

Most of the time your child doesn't even know why they're angry.

But once the outburst has started, you can't put the beast back in the box.

What you're going to learn in Calming Kids is how to uncover and replace anger inducing habits and instead create sustainable calm habits that build confidence, self-esteem and interpersonal skills so your child can grow up and have a happy life, a happy home and a happy marriage.

Your child deserves to grow up feeling loved, cherished and good inside.

And YOU deserve to enjoy family life and love being with your child.


  • Not having to close your windows when your child is at home as your child plays quietly all evening.
  • Feeling confident to venture out with your entire family, knowing that your child will behave well.
  • Parents and teachers praising you in the playground for doing such a great job..
I know what you might be thinking right now, but...

- Calming Kids works for even the toughest kids -

Kids like Freddie...

“In the bad moments he lashed out with kicking, hitting, pinching, spitting and he’d break things.”

mairo vergara
When I first met Freddie I worried his case was so severe that the Calming Kids process may not work for him. 

He was a five-year-old boy with Autism. His parents told me that when things are bad, it resulted in Freddie running away, constantly saying no, ignoring them, being stubborn and saying hurtful things like ‘you are a bad parent’ and ‘I want you to go away.’ 

Freddie was rough, and in the bad moments lashed out with kicking, hitting, pinching. 

He would nearly always do what his parents asked him not to do, if they said ‘don’t spit', he would find a way to spit near them. He was also quite destructive and would break or throw things. 

Here's what his parents said after working through the Calming Kids process:

Freddie's mum

We all enjoy each other so much more now. We understand Freddie’s little mind better and it has brought us all much closer together.

It has really boosted my confidence which is priceless.

It has really restored my faith in myself, in how I parent, as well as giving me loads of tools going forward.

Freddie's dad

I’ve learned to think in a different way and use a different language to get the desired results.

Not only has it made our child happier but we’re more confident in our abilities, which in turn makes us happier.

Here are a few things I DO know about you

I know..

...You want the best for your child.

...You care deeply and you’ll do whatever it takes.

...You get frustrated BECAUSE you care.

Underneath your frustration is a deeper reason, just like underneath the shouting, and the angry outbursts, there is something deeper as well.

Calming kids helps you translate your child's behaviour so you can quickly get to the root of the problem and create lifelong changes in their behaviour, which transforms family life for everyone.

Which is why I love stories like this one from Kevin and Kate:
"I felt shame because I felt like a bad parent..."
mairo vergara
When Kevin and Kate first came to me, Kate confessed that when she was with her six year old Verity, she felt stressed, anxious and was only really relaxed when she was asleep. 

She felt constant guilt about not being a good mother, ashamed of her own temper and worried she had damaged the relationship with her daughter for life.

After learning the step-by-step process I’m going to introduce you to in a moment, they were amazed. Verity started to become funny, happy and a pleasure to be with.

This is what her mum said after following the step-by-step Calming Kids process:  



When we first went to see Elizabeth I felt shame because I felt like a bad parent but she normalises the situation

These things happen with humans and can be fixed. Now I have a happy relationship with my family, I feel like I can be the parent that girls deserve, and now I know what to do.


Life at home is now calmer and less stressful and I have a whole range of parenting tools to use. 

I know how to help Verity manage her temper and can support Kate better. It’s also helped to reduce Kate’s anxiety and stress levels, so now we now have a much better relationship.

Children who are angry are miserable. But they can be happy.

I've taken research findings from psychologists, neurologists and child behaviour researchers to develop a programme that moves children from being difficult, aggressive or challenging to calm, collected and happy.

A programme that helps you reconnect with your child's “inner angel” in an easy to follow step-by-step linear system that works like an advent calendar of tools, techniques and strategies. With short exercises you can do daily, or at a time suits you to help master the techniques you need.

Calming Kids gives you everything you need to:

Quickly and effectively defuse your child's anger so you can stop walking on eggshells and start having more fun at home.

Build your child's self-confidence and resilience as they calmly help out at home (without being asked twice) ← this really will happen.

Resolve conflicts and disagreements without losing your cool so you can model effective problem solving and enjoy growing together as a family.

Confidently go out for dinner with your family knowing you won't feel embarrassed by your child's behaviour.



The only step-by-step guide you need to solve your child's anger once and for all.

Learn the exact same skills and strategies I teach my 1:1 clients. You'll get lifelong access to workbooks, short binge-able video tutorials and the full step-by-step Calming Kids process. 

Module #1
The proven path to defusing difficult behaviour

You'll learn how to:

Build your child's self esteem so they make better decisions and develop the kind of resilience school bullies are afraid of.

Overhaul your reward system with descriptive praise that actually works.

Troubleshoot phrases sent from your subconscious (and stop sounding like your parents).

Module #2 
Preventing poor behaviour and building a strong bond with your child

You’ll learn how to:

Implement the Never Ask Twice method for getting things done without all the drama.

Action 10 fail-proof steps to manage angry outbursts.

Workshop problem solving strategies with your child that build up their confidence.

Module #3 
Boundaries and discipline

You’ll learn:

18 effective ways to discipline your child without raising your voice.

The morning routine that will remove nagging.

Write rules that work.

Module #4 
Sibling rivalry and independence

You'll learn how to:

Reduce sibling rivalry in 10 simple steps (also good if your only child has problems with friendships).

Neutralise Only Child Syndrome and teach your child to win and lose graciously.

Child still struggling? Work out why and get exact solutions to deal with it.

Module #5 
How to be in charge and stay calm

You'll learn how to:

Be the boss without being over-controlling.

Solve conflict without arguments.
Keep your calm, even when your child is pushing your buttons.

Module #6 
Keeping your calm child calm

You’ll learn how to:

Have more fun with your child, and why that’s so important.

Help your child become resilient and bounce back from disappointments.

Stay on track with what you’ve learned for the rest of your child’s life.


- Access to me for 1:1 advice to calm YOUR kid -

Get extra help if you need it with our monthly "Ask Me Anything" calls.

Every month you have the opportunity to submit questions to get personalised help implementing the course material. You can submit these anonymously (via email) or turn up LIVE. And with the replay emailed directly to you, you don't need to worry about missing your session.

Get answers to questions like:

Am I doing this right? 

I tried this thing and it didn't work, what did I do wrong?

How do I apply this if my child has ADHD/ siblings/ autism?

I'll hold your hand through this entire process to make sure everything works for your child. 
No matter how long it takes.

My private clients pay upwards of £1800 for this exact process.
But right now you can get the life your family deserves for a fraction of this, plus you'll skip my waitlist with instant access.

Choose the option that fits your needs and become our next success story.

A special offer for you today

The ACTUAL price you'll pay on my website

A special offer just for you...

£397 x 2
One payment of £397 followed by one monthly payment of £397

One time payment
Lifetime access to course materials.
Try risk free with the 30 day money back guarantee.


After working with Elizabeth we now have a much more open dialogue, and less angry teenager. We are much more careful now about how we speak and have broken the cycle of negativity. 


Before I started these parenting sessions, I worried I would be judged as a bad parent. But Elizabeth was amazing. 

She transformed our home life by restoring calm, being understanding and she put the fun back.

The Chaos To Calm Guarantee

I have complete confidence that this will work for you based on my 100% success rate over the last ten years. You’ll have 30 days to try out this course and see if it works for you and your family, and if you don’t have success, simply let me know and I’ll send back your investment.

30 days gives you plenty of time to complete the first module, which gives you the proven path you need to defuse your child’s anger. 

I challenge you to try the tools and techniques in module one to see the impact this one module can make on the quality of life for you and for your family. And you can do this risk-free.

Questions parents ask before joining

My child is 10 ½ - is it too late for him?

This course has been designed to help parents with children aged 4-10. 

This is because angry teens need a very specific set of tools and techniques that we don't cover here. 

As your child is not yet a teenager (although it probably feels like they are!), the strategies in this course will work for you. 

What if my partner isn't on board? Will this still work?

There are lots of reasons your partner may not be on board. They may have a different opinion on how to deal with your child’s anger. Perhaps they don't like involving anyone else in their family life or they think your child's anger is normal.

The good news is your partner doesn't need to be on board. It helps if they are, but you can learn the skills. Pretty soon your partner will begin to see that what you're learning works and they will start doing the same thing. Once you join the course, you can both access and learn the skills.

Shouldn't I instinctively know how to parent my child?

If you're like most parents I've worked with, then you're a good parent who needs some specific skills to deal with the situation you've never dealt with before.

It is shocking that you get less training to be a parent than you do to drive a car. Just because you gave birth to your child doesn't mean you have all the skills to deal with every curve ball life throws at you.

Sometimes we all need a bit of help. If you knew how to teach your child how to properly manage their anger, you wouldn't be here looking for answers.

I have skills that have taken over 10 years to hone, and in the same way that you seek a solicitor for legal advice, and hire an accountant to help you with your taxes - you need an expert for the most important aspect of your life, your child.

You've never met my child, her behaviour is SO BAD.

I understand you're worried, particularly if your child is wired differently. Maybe your child has ADHD, is on the autistic spectrum or has another diagnosis that makes their behaviour harder to interpret and manage.

Calming Kids is exactly right for you and your child. I have worked with hundreds of children and have never known this process not to work. It may take longer for some of the steps, but I know you'll get there.

I don't have a lot of time

I understand you're busy balancing all the things you need to do looking after your child, working, doing all the jobs that need to be done and dealing with the daily pressures of life.

The good news is you can do the online course in your own time, in the evenings and weekends when your child is occupied - it's perfect because you can fit it in when it suits you.

The whole program from start to finish takes just 9 hours.

I condensed the training as much as I possibly can so the course is full of useful information and techniques in a simple easy-to-understand style. If you put in the time to use the things you'll learn you'll save time and stress not having to deal with all the outbursts, upsets, and sleepless nights.

And that's the lovely thing about this course, it will help you enjoy your child again. You’ll have more fun, enjoy close time with your child, feel more relaxed and playful, have more laughter, create wonderful memories and create a home life you love.

Still undecided?

You're ready to join Calming Kids if....

1. Your child has angry outbursts and tantrums that last for more than two minutes

2. Your child's behaviour is impacting everyone living in your household

3. You’ve tried reading books and blogs for ideas on how to fix this but none of the strategies worked for more than a few hours/days/weeks

4. You’re willing to invest time with your child to practice new tools and techniques

5. You know that you need to fix this now before your child grows into a stronger, more defiant teenager

6. You want to enjoy meals and day trips out with your family

7. You’ve had enough of walking on eggshells trying to avoid the next outburst

8. You're willing to try this system out knowing you have 30 days to test it out before making your final decision

If you caught yourself nodding yes to at least 5 out 8 of the points above, then I cannot wait to meet you inside the Calming Kids course.


Sill here?

If not this, then what?

I know it's challenging working with an angry child day in and day out. And I know it’s hard to take a leap of faith and trust someone who says they can help you.

But the truth is that you need to do something. This is not going to get better as your child grows into a teenager. Things are only going to get worse as they grow bigger, stronger and more rebellious. 
They’re going to continue to be aggressive and struggle with conflict and self control. 

They're going to be the terrible flatmate and the hard to handle husband or wife.

I don't want that for you. 

If you think the proven step-by-step system we use here in the Calming Kids course is going to help you...

... even if you're hopeful but still sceptical then perfect. 

You can lean on my full confidence that this will work for you, and if the course disappoints on any level then you have 30 days to ask for a refund in full, no questions asked.

What other parents are saying about Calming Kids

Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
I’d never really put any thought into this kind of help and I was slightly sceptical leading up to and during the first session but I went in with an open mind, everything seemed to make sense and the skills I’ve picked up really do work. 

I’ve learned to think in a different way and use a different language to get the desired results. I’m happy to say I’ve had my eyes opened. 

I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone, not only has it made our child happier but we’re more confident in our abilities which in turn makes us happier.

Dan P.  
Father of 1 son.
Foto de Iolanda Flores Sorrindo
All members of my immediate family have made a comment that I have changed so much. I am more positive and calm. 

I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth – she taught me a different way of thinking. 

It is so obvious she puts her heart and soul and sincerity into her work and that is why if you show her the same respect back and practice and work at exactly what she has told you to work on, you will see improvements and changes that you want. 

It's not magic. It's all made of hard work! Bravo Elizabeth! And I thank you again for helping me help my son to shine in the best way my little star can!

Carla C.
Mother of 1 son.
Foto de Ariane Silva Sorrindo
Our sessions with Elizabeth have been such a relief, great fun and we cannot thank her enough. Our family home is a much happier and calm place to be now. Best money we have ever spent.

Adam J.
Father of 4 boys.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
I was anxious going into these sessions. I felt like I was putting a lot of faith and money into something that might not work. 

What I quickly found on our first session was a sense of relief and ease as finally I felt someone understood what kind of support we needed. 

Elizabeth is very warm, welcoming, and clearly knowledgeable. I feel like we made a great decision as a family, and I have felt like we all enjoy each other so much more now. 

We understand Charlie’s little mind better now and it has brought us all much closer together. It has really boosted my confidence which is priceless.

Katie H.
Mother of 1 son.

Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
The sessions with Elizabeth have provided me with a whole arsenal of tools to use to handle any number of challenging situations. 

Elizabeth has a no nonsense approach which has given me more confidence in the way I am parenting and how to manage difficult behaviour.

Penny T.
Mother of 2 children.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Elizabeth has been my calm in the storm which is the relationship between my daughter & I. 

Elizabeth helped me see situations from a different frame of reference which gave me the opportunity to stand in my daughter's shoes and understand why she reacts as she does.

Sarah F.
Mother of 1 daughter.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
This has been truly life changing for us. 

We were at our wits' end dealing with some very challenging behaviour.

 We have seen a huge improvement in our son's behaviour by using the strategies Elizabeth taught us.

Harriet T.
Mother of 3 children.

Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
If you need legal advice, see a solicitor. If you need tax advice, see an accountant. So therefore, see the expert for the most important aspect of your life – your child.

Oliver R.
Father of 2 daughters.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
This course has been life changing for us and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

When we talk about Elizabeth to our friends, we call her ‘the child whisperer.’

Trish W.
Mother of 1 daughter.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Our family life is now a much happier one and I feel that we have a toolkit to keep it like that and to actually make it even better in the future.

Johnathan M.
Father of 2.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Elizabeth is kind, friendly, genuine and understanding. I would 100% recommend this course to other parents!

Imogen M.
Mother of 2.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
The sessions were thorough and professional. A relaxed home from home environment. Elizabeth was friendly, positive, non-judgemental and supportive.

Karen S.
Mother of 2.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Our son is now back at school and generally is communicating so much better with us. In some ways it has transformed our lives. 

Elizabeth is compassionate, understanding and has an amazing ability of speaking the truth without offending.

Hannah S.
Mother of 2.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs I think you can ever do – but you never get any formal training. The course is really brought to life by Elizabeth’s insight, natural and empathetic demeanour and charismatic coaching.

Jamie L.
Father of 2 sons.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
If there is anything you should spend money on for your children’s future, it’s this. 

If you want them to grow up as happy, confident, independent people who follow your family values, this will not only teach you the skills to achieve this but how to implement them.

Chris W.
Father of 2 sons.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
If you have read countless books, like I have, but have struggled to put positive parenting techniques in to place, these sessions give you the support to be the parent you hope to be.

Jennifer W.
Mother of 2 sons.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Great tools, cheerful, not judgmental, patient, good listener, always helpful and understanding. I have now so many tools and strategies. Life-changing skills.

Adriana B.
Mother of 1 son.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Elizabeth’s approach is very child-centric – helping parents to understand why a child might be behaving in a particular manner – and how to then deal with that behaviour appropriately. I could do with an earpiece imparting Elizabeth’s wisdom and sense 24/7.

Mandy M.
Mother of 1.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Elizabeth has a wonderful presence and a kind, sincere, passionate way of working that adds to the success and sense of achievement. To be on the other side and feeling happy says it all. Pick up the phone. Don’t be afraid to seek help. It could save your relationship with your child.

Monica S.
Mother of 1 son.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
An excellent course, well-structured with good material and a relaxed environment. Elizabeth is a lovely lady with fantastic experience and tangible solutions for all problems.
Alfie W.
Father of 2 girls.
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
The course has really made a difference to the way I view my role as a parent. 

I now feel more in control and a better guide for my children rather than a dictator! Really enjoyed the course.

Clair W.
Mother of 2 girls.
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